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Charmeuse Pillow Case

Branche Charmeuse Silk Pillow Case

Luxurious Softness…
Irresistibly the Only Choice


Prevents wrinkles by minimizing morning facial creases.

Extends the life of your hairstyle.

Wake up looking fabulous, makes your morning routine a breeze! 



Sleeping on Charmeuse Case…
• Protects delicate facial skin.
• 18 amino acids & high copper content restore hair elasticity, luster and can even reduce fine facial lines.
• Smooths hair’s cuticle layer, adds body & shine.
• Diminishes frizz & keeps curls smooth.
• Ends tedious & damaging daily styling.
• Reduces hair loss & breakage, you won’t find as much hair on your pillow.
• Promotes a more restful & regenerative night's sleep.

For the proper care of your 100% premium silk pillow slip:

Hand or Machine Wash Cold Delicate

Hang Dry or Tumble Dry Low • 10 Minutes Max.


Available in White, Cream, Pink, Sage and Blue


Pillow case-Queen
Price: $95.00
Pillow case-King
Price: $115.00
Pillow case-Boudoir
Price: $58.00

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